The most brutal female killers

The image of a maniac killer in the eyes of the public has practically taken shape. Such a man is often guided by sexual motives, and he commits his crimes with maximum cruelty.

However, forensic science knows many cases when a bloody criminal turns out to be ... Let's talk about the ten most famous women killers in history, based on the actions of some of them, films were even made.

Bella Sorenson Guinness. This killer received the nickname "Black Widow", on account of her 42 victims. The motives for her actions were greed and money; the woman received perverse pleasure from her actions. Bela was born in Norway, then moved to the USA. Then she became the wife of a businessman from Chicago. Her two daughters eventually died in a strange way. The symptoms were similar to colitis, but historians believe it could have been the work of their mother. After all, all the signs spoke of poisoning, the death of the children made it possible for Bella to get insurance. Soon the husband died too, unexpectedly poisoned by his own medicines. The widow received insurance in this case. The funds received made it possible for Bella to acquire the farm. But her husband's relatives decided that the death was not accidental, suspecting Bella herself of the crime. She, without wasting time, in the meantime, put the murder of her lovers on the stream. She advertised, organizing love correspondence. Middle-aged men came to her home, wishing to meet an interesting widow. Bella easily lured guests into her bed, they did not even assume that the pretty woman was a cold-blooded killer. All the men had accidents. As a result, the woman was able to bury 42 husbands, eventually accumulating more than a quarter of a million dollars. However, the evil could not remain unpunished. The Black Widow also ended her life tragically. She simply disappeared, over time her body was found in the forest. Someone beheaded the woman and then burned her body. True, there were rumors that the found body did not belong at all to Bella, but she herself was able to hide and escape punishment.

Jane Toppan. This is the first representative of medicine on this list. Jane, as a nurse, attacked her sick and infirm patients. The plump woman grew up restless, thanks to her difficult childhood. Her father was insane and refused to care for her. She herself eventually grew up in Boston, in an orphanage. The adoptive parents were also extremely poor, which only increased her anger towards others. When Jane was studying to be a nurse, teachers noted her strange interest in open-body photography. But this behavior did not prevent her from completing her education and starting to work with patients. The patients liked her at once, the pleasant nurse was named "Jolly Jane". But in the course of her work, the woman discovered that she literally gets sexual pleasure from injecting patients with drugs and then finding them on the verge of life and death. Jane took over the care of many patients. When they were unconscious, she touched them, while experiencing sexual arousal. In 1885, Toppan stepped up her experiments, transforming them into murders, eventually she was arrested, convicted of 11 proven deaths. When Jane was in custody, she confessed to 31 more murders. Expertise proved that "Jolly Jane" could not be found guilty due to her insanity. After the sentencing, the killer spent the rest of her life in a psychiatric hospital.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory. The exact number of victims of this "bloody countess" has remained unknown, historians say about 30-650 victims. Legends say that a capricious woman loved to take baths with the blood of her victims, which were certainly young girls. The Countess believed that such bathing could prolong her youth and improve the condition of her skin. The woman abused her power in every possible way, bringing to death many of her subjects. The crimes were characterized by extreme sadism, while the countess herself experienced sexual pleasure. The woman forced her subjects to lick the blood from the bodies of their naked victims. This addiction to blood ranked Elizabeth Bathory among the historically accurate vampires. She lured the most beautiful girls to her castle, and then into the dungeon, promising them work. The bloody murderer's accomplice was her husband, Ferenc Nadashdi. He gave his wife a castle so that she could carry out bloody tortures with the help of her wedding gift. Rumors of numerous murders reached the Habsburg court. The emperor ordered to deal with the bloody murderer. However, a loud trial did not take place. Noble relatives preferred to hide the countess in the dungeon of their own castle, where she died three years later at the age of 54.

Rosemary West. The only confirmed number of victims of this killer was 10 people. This woman was the colleague of another serial killer, Fred. Rosemary (or Rose), together with him, made up a couple of dangerous criminals, evil and heartless. Fred and Rosa pretended to be kind, inviting young girls to their place, promising them help with accommodation and food. But a terrible fate awaited the unfortunate victims. Rosemary herself had eight children, she worked for a long time as a prostitute in her own brothel house. Drugs were also sold there. The woman began to get a perverse pleasure from the pain. The couple sadistically mocked the victims, ripping off their fingers, removing the kneecaps. Together with her husband, Rose eventually managed to kill 10 people, including her own daughter Heather. The spouses buried the corpses in their own garden, wielding them during 1967-1987. The court subsequently found the woman guilty of the murder of her stepdaughter Michelle. Most likely, the number of victims was much higher, because Fred testified that he could be the killer of 20 more girls who went missing at that time. The jury sentenced the killers to life in prison. After the trial, all the judges were assigned to a session with a psychotherapist, so terrifying was the revealed picture of the actions.

Eileen Vuornos. This woman had a very difficult childhood, moreover, disfigured by incest from her grandfather. Is it any wonder that in the soul of a growing girl there was nothing but hatred of society and men. Early sexual experience led to swagger. At the age of 13, Eileen became pregnant, and at the age of 15 she was kicked out of the house by her own grandfather. The woman had all the signs of personality antisocial disorder. She repeatedly violated the law, robbing shops with weapons in her hands. Eileen even got married, her 70-year-old husband began to be physically abused. The elderly husband left his strange wife a month later, accusing her, moreover, of wasting his funds. But she found herself another pair - the woman Tyria Moore. Eileen was forced to work as a prostitute, earning a living for both. But such an occupation was quite dangerous. Eileen once killed a man. According to her, he had previously brutally raped her, so it was an act of self-defense. The feeling of blood seized the woman; soon she killed 6 more people in Florida. They were all middle-aged drivers without passengers. They agreed to give the woman a ride and have sexual intercourse with her. The murder weapon was invariably a pistol. Based on the story of Eileen, the movie "Monster" was shot, starring Charlize Theron. She received an Oscar for this, and the killer herself received the death penalty in 2002. Psychiatrists were convinced of the sanity of Eileen, who simply hated human life.

Andrea Yates. Often a series of crimes are committed under the influence of severe mental disorders. Schizophrenia can "reward" offenders with a voice that instructs them to act. Andrea Yates had just such a situation, it was a serious mental illness that caused the woman to kill her five children by drowning them in the bathroom. Of all the killers on our list, she's the craziest. The woman was never diagnosed with schizophrenia, but she had serious mental disabilities. This is both prolonged severe postpartum depression and suicide attempt. The birth of a large number of children with a minimum interval as a result plunged the woman into a psychological pit. Her husband, a computer engineer from NASA, who wanted to have many descendants, can also be considered the culprit. True, he later shifted the blame for what happened to a family psychiatrist. The specialist was accused of not being able to grasp the gravity of the situation and signal it. As a result, one day a woman decided to achieve a state of rest in a terrible way - for an hour, she methodically, one by one, drowned all her kids in the bathroom. The oldest was only 7 years old, and the youngest was 6 months old. After the deed, the woman called 911 and her husband. Giving an interview, the perpetrator then confessed that she wanted to kill the children, since they were not righteous. As a zealous Catholic, Andrea suddenly realized that her own sins would prevent her children from growing up to be exemplary Christians. In the end, taking their lives seemed to her the best decision.

Beverly Allitt. And this serial killer was a nurse. The Englishwoman abused her position to satisfy her secret fantasies. Beverly did not attack the elderly, but the defenseless children. She gave them an injection of potassium chloride or insulin, causing cardiac arrest. As with other serial killers, the thirst for new crimes grew. In her room, a nurse abused 13 children, killing four of them. All this happened over the course of some two months. The victims were toddlers aged from two months to five years. In the case of two-month-old Becky Phillips, the parents were so grateful to Beverly for caring for the baby that they asked to become her godmother. But it was the nurse's injections that caused the subsequent paralysis and brain damage. Only after the last case with a one and a half-year-old Claire, the hospital administration called the police, suspecting something was wrong in such a frequent cardiac arrest in children. It turned out that in all cases Beverly was on duty. After the arrest of the nurse, psychiatrists talked to her, who revealed that Beverly had a disorder known as Munchausen syndrome. Allitt was sentenced to life imprisonment in a special clinic where criminals are mentally ill. Should she go free - after all, the families of the murdered children threaten her with physical harm?

Karla Homolka. This Czech-born Canadian girl became addicted to Satanism in her youth. She once worked part-time in veterinary clinics, killing animals. Soon, 17-year-old Karla met 23-year-old Paul. He was interested in the sophisticated fantasies and sadistic orgies of his girlfriend. Having tried their ideas on themselves, the couple decided to switch to "live material". Karla lured young girls into her house, creating a real prison for them there. The couple's sexual atrocities have surpassed anything ever known. The victims ended up with three girls aged 13-15. Paul made them beg him for sex, rape and videotap it all. His girlfriend also took an active part in the action. After her arrest, Karla gave testimony that allowed her to be sentenced to only 12 years. But Paul will spend the rest of his life behind bars. Karla stepped down from responsibility, shifting it all to her partner. He acted as the executor of the plans of his girlfriend, the director. Psychologists have proved that the girl is practically healthy, although some deviations could provoke such a wave of cruelty.

Susan Smith. This woman also suffered from a personality disorder that caused the death of her two sons, Alex and Michael. The woman was unhappy as a child, having experienced sexual abuse and incest. She claimed that her stepfather had raped her, and when the relationship opened, her mother blamed her for everything. This was the impetus for the appearance of Susan's narcissistic illusions. A young mother strapped her children into the back seat of her car, allowing the car to roll off the boat dock into the lake. At the same time, Susan has long claimed that the children were kidnapped by a black man. The woman asked for help on television, the case received a lot of publicity. But Susan was unable to pass the lie detector when asked if she knew of the whereabouts of her children. As a result, her guilt was proven. The motive for the crime was love for a rich admirer who did not want to see other people's children around him. The woman received a life sentence, already in prison having entered into sexual relations with at least two guards.

Diana Downs. In 1984, this woman killer was convicted. The court proved her guilt in causing grievous bodily harm to three of her children, one of whom later died. Diana changed her love for children to a passion for someone else's man. Her lover, Lew, somehow made it clear to her that his plans for a joint life did not include other people's children. Then Diana proceeded to cold-blooded destruction of "obstacles" to her happiness. It was late at night when the woman put the children in the car and took them to a deserted place. There, she killed 7-year-old Cheryl with a pistol, injuring Christie and Danny. Unhappy until the last moment did not understand what their own mother was doing to him. Three-year-old Danny ended up paralyzed below the waist as a result of point-blank shots, and eight-year-old Christie - speech failure and paralysis of half of the body. In court, Christie was able to barely explain to the jury what had happened. Now the child killer Diana Downs is serving a prison sentence. Her disgusting nature manifested itself here - she began to conduct frank correspondence with the serial killer and maniac Randy Woodfield.

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